Monday, 5 September 2011

Pandan and santan layered jelly

By request of the boyfriend, I made the pandan and santan layered jelly again this year. 

I learnt to make this jelly from my Granny. If you try to Google it, you won't actually find anything about it. I asked Momma why is that so. She said that Granny actually learnt to make it on her own.

To begin, soak the agar agar strips in some water for a while, to soften it.
Fresh santan and pandan extract.

Boil the agar agar till completely dissolved, then add in some rock sugar. You will need two pots of this: one for each flavour. 

Pour in the pandan extract into one pot to get a nice green colour.

And pour the santan into the other pot.

Pour in a layer of santan jelly into the tray. Once the layer has completely hardened, add in a layer of pandan jelly.

 Repeat until the tray has been filled till the top.
By right, the layers are supposed to be consistent and thin; Nyonyas are senonoh like that. But I can sometimes be rather un-senonoh in the kitchen I panicked because the jelly suddenly became too thick and I didn't have Momma at home so I didn't know how to fix it, hence it was reflected in the jelly.

Note: Much patience is required to make this jelly.