Thursday, 29 September 2011

Same same but different

In the three years (and a bit) Paul and I have been dating, we have been told that we look alike. Some even say that we look like siblings.

According to Little (2006), there is a widespread belief that couples, particularly those who have been together for many years, look similar to each other.

But Paul and I have only been dating for a while. And we've been told that we look alike, even in the early stages of our relationship.
So I've been trying to figure out which of our facial features are similar.

His eyes are bigger, and his double eye lids are more prominent.

His nose is bigger and more flat, compared to my slightly sharp nose(I got if from my Momma).

I think we both have nice cupid's bow, although his is more defined.

We both have okay-ish cheek bones; they're not high.

So I guess the most obvious similarity is that we both have asymmetrical noses and mouths, which is very obvious when we smile (and when I don't angle my face).